St Thomas Church Wells

We strive to share God’s love through Welcome, Outreach and Worship

We Are Now Meeting Again In The Church Building

Parish Communion: 10am on Sundays

A communion service with hymns. The communion wafer will be distributed. Due to social distancing restrictions in church we are keeping a careful eye on numbers for this service. Please let the parish office know by Thursday if you are planning to attend on the Sunday, (01749 672335 or
Or, join the Sunday service on Zoom, the link is available from the parish office. It will also be live-streamed on St Thomas Facebook and the video will remain on the Facebook page.

Holy Communion: 11am on Wednesdays

A quiet said communion. Everyone is welcome to attend church for this service. The communion wafer will be distributed.

The church will be open for private prayer:

Sunday 11.30am - 4pm and Wednesday 11.30am - 4pm.

Coffee Stop is now back in the Church

Every Tuesday 10am - 12noon. Call in for coffee and a chat. All are welcome.

Face Coverings: The C of E advice is to wear face masks in church where other people are present so we will be adhering to this advice. Please can everyone coming in to church please have a face covering.

Sharing Communion at Wednesday and Sunday services: Plenty of thought has gone into making this as low-risk as possible. The wafers will be covered throughout the prayer of consecration, so tiny droplets in the breath don’t fall onto them. Only the priest will receive the chalice.
Just before giving out the communion wafers, the priest will sanitise his/her hands and carry the bowl of wafers to the front step. At this point they will be wearing a face visor or mask and should not speak to the communicants. Each person will be directed by the sidepersons to come forward and the priest will drop the wafer into the person’s cupped hands. There will be a one-way system to return to your seats.