Our Link Parish Of Livingstone East, Zambia

St Augustine's Church members

St Thomas' launched their link with Livingstone East Parish on 20 January 2013. Since the 1980's St Cuthbert's Wells have been linked to the Parish of Livingstone through the Diocese of the Bath & Wells Zambia link. However, in June 2011 because of increasing numbers of people living in Livingstone it was divided into two parishes. St Cuthbert's is now linked to Livingstone West and St Thomas' is linked to Livingstone East.

We have forged a link for several reasons. Not only will we try to support our Link Parish financially from time to time but even more importantly we will pray for them as we share our faith together and learn more about each other. Livingstone is a busy town with a rising population. Being close to Victoria Falls it is a tourist resort, but there is still a lot of unemployment and poverty.

Fr Muyuna Simangolwa is the priest in charge of Livingstone East and there are two churches, St Augustine’s in the central eastern area of Livingstone and St Monica’s on the northern outskirts. Both churches hold services regularly in English and in Tonga, their local language. Much work is done in the community by the Mothers’ Union, St Veronica’s and the Anglican Men’s Association. The choirs play an important part in the life of each Church. Home Groups and Bible Study groups are held during the week. There are many young people in the parish. The Sunday School is thriving and the girls’ and boys’ brigades have recently been re-started. Special youth services are regularly held in the Churches.

The Livingstone Anglican Children’s Project is run jointly by both East and West Livingstone with Fr Yobo Jere (the priest of Livingstone West) as Director. The project helps children who have been affected by HIV/Aids with monthly feeding programmes, psycho-social support and a programme to reduce child labour.

We are grateful to Livingstone East for our link and for their prayers for us here in Wells.

Livingstone East Mothers' Union

Livingstone East Mothers' Union